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ICE Gear begins

ICE Gear began as an award that we gave out to our high school bowling program. "ICE" Stands for "I Carry Everything". So, we started handing out the ICE AWARD to high school bowlers who showed a positive metal attitude and a superior work ethic. We also began working on a custom jersey for the high school bowlers. We were looking for something thicker, more durable than the expensive jerseys you could by from some of the other bowling jersey manufactures. We wanted it stretchy without spandex which wears out. We wanted it longer so it will stay tucked in. In working with mills and manufactures, we found a fabric and style that would work for our needs. We had already begun working on full shirt dye sublimation which is a little less expensive process than the "cut-and-sew" process that most jersey manufactures use. We have more flaws, but the process is still less expensive and was something our high school bowling program could afford. After producing our first jersey we realized when we put the shirt on that...."It was cold!!!". We bowled a few tournaments in our shirt and realized..."It stays cold!!!. ICE Gear was started.

Here is a video of the first prototype of the ICE Gear jersey. Our high school students are talking about being involved in our high school bowling program.

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