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ICE Gear started with our high school bowling program.  "ICE" stand for "I Carry Everything".  We started handing out rewards called the "ICE Award" to bowlers who showed a positive mental attitude.  In 2021, we were working with mills and manufacturers to produce a bowling jersey that was durable, colorful and would stay tucked in, but also look good untucked for our high school bowling program.  In working with various fabrics we realized that our new fabric was cold when you put it on and kept you cool during a whole bowling session even though the fabric is much thicker than what is currently on the market.  Plus, the shirt has a lot of stretch without using elastic that wears out over time.  At that point, ICE Gear was born.  We are still in the introductory stage of ICE Gear product development, but our background in producing T-Shirts  gave us the idea of starting this website with lots of great T-Shirt designs as we continue to develop more products with the ICE Gear fabric.  Right now you can get a polo with a slash bottom print that is white on top or a full shirt dye sublimated 1/4 zip jersey.

ICE Gear is owned by Design Warehouse.  Design Warehouse has been in the apparel business for over 30 years, most of which was in collegiate apparel and accessories.  Design Warehouse has had retail stores, wholesale T-Shirts and Hats as well as being the official merchandiser of several major universities.  The owner of Design Warehouse got his start in retail with his families bowling pro shop.  Now, the whole journey has come full circle as ICE Gear and Design Warehouse are back in the bowling industry.  Look for ICE Gear to become the leader in bowling apparel in the next few years.

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